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Yellow BeltYellow Belt Requirements

(yellow to green stripe)
Punches & Striking
  • Right Hook
  • Upper Cut
  • Haymaker
  • Front Leg Side Kick (Defensive)
  • Step Across Side Kick
  • Back Leg Side Kick (Offensive)
  • Replacement Side Kick
  • Double Palm Inside Block (Muay Thai)
  • Knife Hand Block
  • Palm Block
  • Downward Palm Block
  • Low Block, Back Fist
  • Back Leg Round Kick, Opposite Foot
Combative Strategies
  • Check, Backfist
  • Front Leg Side Kick, Back Leg Roundhouse
  • Back Leg Round Kick, Back Leg Round Kick
Physical Fitness
  • Push-ups/Sit-ups 30
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