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Red BeltRed Belt Requirements

(red to black stripe)
  • Step Across Hook Kick
  • Front Leg Hook Kick
  • Back Leg Hook Kick
Joint Locks & Holds
  • Step Under Twisting Lock
  • Pressure Point Vertical Wristlock
  • Pressure Point Wristlock
Falling & Rolling
  • Falling Forward/Backward
  • Pullover Takedown
  • Body Twisting Elbow Takedown
  • Spear Shoulder Takedown
  • Head Twisting Takedown
  • Under Elbow Takedown
Combative Strategies
  • Back Leg Roundhouse, Tornado Kick (same leg)
  • Front Push Kick, Spinning Crescent Kick
  • Tornado Kick, Double Round House Kick
Physical Fitness
  • Push-ups/Sit-ups 90
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